Meet the Brewer – Eero, Pühaste

This post was originally published at Estonian Craft Beers by Claire.

Eero is the head brewer and recipe whizz at Pühaste Brewery – so I have him to thank for creating Mosaiik, which is one of my personal favourite beers at the minute. Along with Lauri, and later Üllar, the Pühaste team named their brewery after the village where their brewing days began. These days the brewing is done across several facilities, as the guys have been operating on a gypsy basis – but the good news is that they’re shortly going to move into a brewery of their own, and promise plenty of new beers for their fans to try.

The Story of Pühaste

Eero’s interest in brewing started because of a fascination with the technical and scientific side of the process. And of course, a love of great beer. And necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention – as the sorts of beers he liked were not yet available locally, Eero started to brew his own back in 2011. After experimenting with around a hundred different recipes, and finding an instant fan base, he turned his attentions to producing on a bigger scale.

These days the team have a steady flow of new brews, with DIPA Humalakoda, the eminently drinkable American Wheat Ale Mr Tangerine Man, and Nokturn, their Imperial Black IPA joining Mosaiik on the shelves at the moment. The Sweet Citrus Edition of Humalakoda I tried at the Tallinn Music Week Craft Beer Festival was like being hit in the face with a grapefruit. But in a good way – it was a highlight for me, and I hope it comes out to join the other commercially available brews soon.

Similar to most craft beer fans and producers, Eero is energised by the passionate people that are involved in making (and of course, drinking) beer.

Brewers and craft beer drinkers are generally a nice bunch of people and this seems to be a global phenomenon. Everyone’s on the same page – beer unites people

What’s Next?

Eero is confident in the future for the craft beer sector in Estonia in general:

I don’t see the momentum dying down, I’m pretty sure craft breweries are going to see growth up to at least 5% market share; craft beer consumption will increase, more micro breweries will open. There is always a market for simple crossover beers, but it’s good to see that people are embracing new and unusual flavours quite easily too. No doubt even more exciting styles (sours, etc) will be brewed to meet the growing demand.

And no doubt Pühaste will continue to play a part in this growth story. Eero and the Pühaste team have now found their ideal brewery location, and hope to have the arrangements made ready to start brewing there towards the end of the year.

In the meantime, they will continue on their gypsy rounds, and have promised a steady release schedule. With fans in Estonia, and increasingly also an export market abroad to cater for, the guys at Pühaste are going to have their hands full!

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