TO ØL Sofa King Pale 33cl

STYLE:Pale Ale
Malts:Pale, Flaked Oats, Cara Pils, Melanoidin
Hops:Citra, Tettnanger, Amarillo

The Sofa King Pale is the benchmark of well-balanced session beers. The beer reflects a more malty appearance in comparison with the others. It showcases balanced hops and clean yeast aromas.

Tettnanger: Tettnanger is grown in the Baden-Württemberg region in Germany. A noble hop variety grown in the areas of the Schwarzwald and the Donau River. This continental German hop is defining modern lager types, together with the plethora of American fruity, citrusy, tangerine, piney hops.
Amarillo: Originating from farthest Northwest of USA, in Washington State. A classic in dryhopping of beers, due to its magnificent aroma qualities. The hops has small cones but with very high aromatic potential.
Citra: Another classic American hop variety, famous for its heavy citrusy characters. This hop doesn’t require much introduction. This hop provides a plethora of citrus and tropical aromas to a beer and is very distinct in its flavour. Originating from the Yakima Valley in Washington State, an area famous for its hop producers and hop varieties.

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