Victory Art Brew Ivan 33cl

“Ivan – unusual beer brewed in a “”Russian Imperial Stout”” style. This is a very strong, heavy and dark top fermented beer which once was very popular in Russia. It was brewed by English brewers specifically for Tsar’s court during Ekaterina The Great reign. Hence the ’russian’ and ’imperial’ in the name of the style. This beer has a very high original gravity and very strong in alcohol. It is also hopped with a significant amount of hops and contains a decent amount of dark and special malts.

Imperial stouts almost dissipated some time ago but during last few decades we see that it becomes more and more popular. Our version of imperial stout also contains a huge amount of dark and roasted malts plus we added a whisky malt (pitted malt from 6-row barley), pitted beer malt and special Belgian brown malt. It adds to the viscous thick taste and coffee aroma the flavours of boiler oil and creosote. Named after the greatest Russian ace of WWII. High alcohol content is masked by a complex aroma, but you should better be careful! This beer is perfectly suitable for long winter nights. It matches to chocolate desserts and BBQ meals.

Formerly known as “”Ivan Kozhedub””.”


Maku on vähintäänkin yhtä monipuolinen, kuin tuoksukin. Tahmean sokerinen olut vahvalla paahteisuudella, joka samaan aikaan kuivailee suuta ja jättää pientä palanutta aromia. Alkoholi tunkeutuu melko vahvasti esille, mutta kuuluu osaksi pakettia. Suklaisuus pehmentää ja vahva humalointi iskeytyy ikeniin. Paljon löytyy eri makuja, mutta lopulta koko paletti on saatu pysymään nätisti kasassa. Tyylikäs Russian Imperial Stout from Russia with love!

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