BrewDog Paradox Heaven Hill 33cl karbis


Paradox Heaven Hill is our smooth imperial stout with a dark vanilla twist; gentle woody and spicy notes blend with chocolate and roasted coffee, in an intense and complex labyrinth of aroma.

On the nose there?s vanilla, chocolate, spice, wood smoke, hints of coffee and treacle. Deep espresso and dark chocolate blend with dark fruit, but the dominant flavours are an intoxicating blend of vanilla, spice and gentle smoke. The bourbon barrels have enhanced the flavours already present in the stout and given them a keen edge. This beer is Most Unexceptional enjoyed at room temperature to fully appreciate the layers of flavour, as you try to unravel where the stout ends and the bourbon begins.

Heaven Hill are the only remaining family-owned distillery in Kentucky, and have been producing their traditional bourbon for nearly 80 years.

100 IBU

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